27 JAN 2021. ONLINE



Elliott Gotkine
Summit Host
International Journalist
Summit Host

The Agenda

All times in West Africa Time Zone (UTC+1). Speakers and times subject to change

0930 - 0935

Opening Remarks

0935 - 1000

Networking on Sponsor Booths

1000 - 1015

Visionary Keynote Interview

Ade Ayeyemi
Group Chief Executive Officer
Ecobank Transnational Inc

1015 - 1045

Fireside Chat

Reimagining Digital for 2021 and Beyond (Part 1)

  • What are the top trends that will continue to shape banking post-pandemic?
  • How are West African banks tackling digital transformation?
  • What new technologies are critical to delivering the digital experience consumers expect?
  • How can banks respond to pressure from Fintechs and digital-only challengers, and how can they foster a culture of innovation?
  • As a digital banking leader, what are your top priorities for the next 12-18 months?

Koroty Ousman Abakar, Director Digital Banking Innovation, BHT Tchad
Lola Aworanti-Ekugo, Head, Digital and Innovation, Union Bank of Nigeria
Mohamed FOFANA, Chief Digital Officer, Groupe Bank of Africa - Côte d'Ivoire
Wasiu Popoola, Chief Digital & Innovation Officer, Parallex Bank Ltd
Mark Straub, CEO, Smile Identity
Benjamin Wellstein, Partner, Simon-Kucher & Partners

1045 - 1100

Lightbulb Moments

Engagement Banking: Enter the Platform Era

Without engagement, customers are lost. Learn how the Backbase Engagement Banking Platform scales digital operations to seamlessly serve any customers and deliver ROI.

Cornel Dixon
Head of East & South Africa

1100 - 1130

Fireside Chat

Reimagining Digital for 2021 and Beyond (Part 2)

  • What are the top trends that will continue to shape banking post-pandemic?
  • How are West African banks tackling digital transformation?
  • What new technologies are critical to delivering the digital experience consumers expect?
  • How can banks respond to pressure from Fintechs and digital-only challengers, and how can they foster a culture of innovation?
  • As a digital banking leader, what are your top priorities for the next 12-18 months?

Aymen Daoud, Regional Sales Manager, NWA, Backbase
Emmanuel Morka, Chief Information Officer, Access Bank (Ghana) plc
Agrippa Mugwagwa, Executive Director, Group Retail Banking, FBC Bank Limited
Emmanuel Odonkor, Business Development Manager, Quipu GmbH
Mamoudou SOW, Chief Digital Officer, BOA Mali
Konstantin Tsanis, Digital Transformation Specialist, IFC / World Bank

1130 - 1145

Lightbulb Moments

Top Mobile Marketing Strategies for Finance Apps in Africa

In this session, mobile experts from AppsFlyer will share insights, and best practices for both app marketers and developers, providing them with tangible key takeaways on how to build and drive success to your mobile app campaigns and optimise your marketing growth in Africa.

What you'll learn:
  • Global trends and regional comparisons with a focus on the African mobile app finance ecosystem
  • How mobile marketing in Africa plays a huge role in engaging customers, particularly as COVID-19 has forced businesses online
  • Define the key value indicators every app marketer should pay attention to
  • Connect the dots between their data sources for a holistic view of their customer journey
  • Tap into the full power of AppsFlyer's data-driven, insight-led approach to marketing at it will be key to success for your company's growth across the board

Idan Horenczyk
Regional AE, Africa

1145 - 1200

Innovation Unplugged

Daniel Junowicz
Managing Director, Africa & LATAM

1200 - 1230

Fireside Chat

Building a Customer Experience-led Bank

  • How to future-proof your CX for a post-Covid world?
  • How to deliver personalised experiences that drive value for both bank and customer?
  • What should banks look for in a customer data platform?
  • Optimisation or Transformation: What should your bank prioritise right now?
  • Accelerating your time-to-market through innovative partnerships
  • What is the role of branches in this increasingly digital-first world?

Faheem Ali, Chief Risk Officer, Musoni Kenya
Kerim Alain Bertrand, SVP, Global Sales and Marketing Director, SmartMessage
Peter Daniels, Head, Digital Bank and Agile Coach, Polaris Bank
Myles Hagan, Head of Channels, UMB Merchant Bank
Ekenedilichukwu Ugbachie, Director, Business Development, Amplanalytics

1230 - 1245

Lightbulb Moments

Effective Digital Engagement in the Age of Digital Transformation of the Banking Industry

Digital  transformation has become a priority due to pandemic-related uncertainties  across the entire world. In our session we will explore the opportunities  this crucial change brings to banking in West Africa via omni-channel  marketing automation.

Kerim Alain Bertrand, SVP, Global Head of Sales & Marketing, SmartMessage
Murat Guner, Regional Sales Manager, MEA, SmartMessage

1245 - 1300

Lightbulb Moments

Phonexia Voice Verify Voice Biometrics Solution. Your Client’s Word is Enough.

In this session Paul will be taking you through the Phonexia Voice Verify Solution for call centers and what benefits it has to offer in terms of increased security, improved efficiency and smoother client experience, a voice biometrics solution for the twenty first century.

Paul Morris
Global Sales Manager

1300 - 1330

Fireside Chat

Open Banking: Ushering in a New Era of Innovation

  • Understanding the impact of Open Banking: what will the future role of the bank be?
  • What is the state of play of open banking in West Africa?
  • What are the partnership features to look for in an over-crowded market?
  • Creating a mutually beneficial relationship: what should each party bring to the table?

Ayodeji Aina, Head, Enterprise Innovation, First Bank of Nigeria
Daniel Egwuonwu, Head ICT, Coronation Merchant Bank
Vivek Porwal, Senior Vice President, QualityKiosk Technologies
Adedeji Olowe
, Trustee, Open Banking Nigeria

1330 - 1400

Virtual Circles

1400 - 1415

Visionary Keynote Interview

Uzoma Dozie
CEO & Founder

1415 - 1430

Lightbulb Moments

QRACE for Banking Bi-Model Testing

QRACE is QualityKiosk's latest innovative solution which is an outcome-driven process embedded in bank's Application Lifecycle Management for Digital Enterprise and Cloud-Native Applications. Through QRACE, there will be significant improvement  in banks' automation, quality, speed and agility.

Vijesh Kishore
QualityKiosk Technologies

1430 - 1445

Lightbulb Moments

Developing a Holistic Fintech Strategy

Advancements in technology and digitalisation have profoundly changed the operating model of modern banking. Yet many banks struggle to find a coherent approach to dealing with FinTechs. We show how financial institutions should review strategic thinking and develop their very own FinTech strategy.

Benjamin Wellstein
Simon-Kucher & Partners

1445 - 1515

Fireside Chat

Transforming the SME Banking Experience

  • Using technology to spur SME lending across Africa
  • The deployment of a digital-first SME lending strategy
  • Creating a fast and seamless onboarding experience for SME customers
  • Rise of tech players and alternative financing platforms
  • Beyond-banking ecosystem offerings: How to thrive in an ecosystem

Bernard Acquaye, Regional Manager, Quipu GmbH
Funwa Akinmade
, Directorate Head - Retail, SME & E-Business, Unity Bank Plc
Shina Atilola, Divisional Head, Retail & Consumer Banking, Sterling Bank Plc
Dennis Ezaga, Head, Business Banking Digital Innovation, First City Monument Bank
Funsho Idowu, Chief Operating Officer, Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank
Adekanbi Oluwaseun, Head, Strategy & Product Development, Addosser Microfinance Bank Ltd

1515 - 1530

Lightbulb Moments

Survival of the Digital-ist

In the midst of Africa's greatest expansion of financial services, many banks are missing out. A new generation of consumers are moving from physical banks to digital ones, and from traditional banking to alternative finance altogether. The winners are those most adaptable to change. Their secret? Instant account opening, powered by digital KYC.

Mark Straub
Smile Identity

1530 - 1600

Fireside Chat

Innovating Payments for the New Normal

  • What are the latest innovations in the African payments space?
  • What are the key architectures and technologies making it easier to maintain, update and extend payment systems?
  • How to deal with the disruption of IoT, data and blockchain in payments to inform and improve commercial innovation strategies?
  • How can banks build a viable, sustainable mobile payments business?

Kandas Camara, Director, Merchant Sales & Acquiring (WACA), Visa
Ernie Femi-Owen, Head Cards & Mobile Banking Products, Globus Bank
David Oluwaseun Omotosho, Head Digital Business & Ventures, Union Bank of Nigeria

1600 - 1615

Lightbulb Moments

NextGen Approach to Digital Vaults & Identities

  • Manage your vaults seamlessly
  • Monitor the behaviour of any risky profiles
  • Converge your cybersecurity platforms for a better ROSI
  • Secure your privileged ids for networking devices & IoTs

Anil Bhandari
Chief Mentor

1615 - 1655

Fireside Chat

Staying One Step Ahead: Cybersecurity in the Post-Pandemic World

  • Deciphering the post-pandemic threat landscape
  • Ensuring your third party vendors are keeping up with the same cyber hygiene you are
  • Dealing with growing insider threats as employees continue to work from home
  • Establishing a Zero Trust approach to security


Anthony Muiyuro, Associate Director, EY


Daniel Adaramola, CISO, Unity Bank plc
Senanu Datsa, CISO, First Atlantic Bank
Amenyo Lotsu, CISO, ARB Apex Bank Ltd
Lalit Popli, Chief Operating Officer, ARCON
Bharat Soni, CISO, GTBank
Confidence Staveley, Founder, Cybersafe Foundation

1655 - 1700

Closing Remarks and End of Summit


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