• Networking is at the heart of DigiBank. Whether you are attending physically; or virtually; our networking app is designed to ensure the best possible networking experience for you.
  • Using an intent-based matchmaking algorithm; powered by Artificial Intelligence; our networking app finds matches for you, based on participants' predefined interests; and the goals they want to achieve at the event. So no swiping; no grouping; just easy-to-find; relevant people to meet.
  • Booking appointments with our networking app is a breeze! You can view your event schedule, side-by-side with the meeting schedule of the person you'd like to meet. If there's a match, simply send a meeting request, and if its accepted, you receive a location automatically. No back and forth; no double-booking; no stress. And with a few clicks, you can easily reschedule your meetings.
  • Once a meeting is accepted, you can start chatting and networking with the participant you are scheduled to meet. All messages and meeting details are saved to your account; so even if you forget to ask for a business card; you are covered.
  • And when it's time to meet, you can hold your meeting either at the sponsor booth; or virtually, in the app. Each meeting lasts 15 minutes; and attendees get meeting reminders 5 minutes before. Participants connecting virtually can use their preferred browser; with no extra downloads necessary.

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